PMK Customs and IE has raised the bar in the custom sneaker world

Published On December 7, 2012 | By R.Wolf | All, Fashion, Footwear, Style, Technology
There is much that can be said about the sneaker industry these days and the technology applied to create new function and form in its genre. But where our wildest imaginations come to a end the guys over at PMK Customs and Internet Explorer keep going.

After a commission for 27 uniquely designed custom sneakers for the Internet Explorer brand the two teams decided that this wouldn’t be the last of the collaborations between IE and PMK. Numerous hours pondering and late conference calls with Bryan Saftler and his Internet Explorer team made for great sessions that would soon turn into something that would turn the sneaker industry on its head.

This unlikely collaboration started when the guys at PMK was asked the question… What can IE brand do for you? A humble but wise answer came forth, requesting Internet Explorers help on building a site where people all across the world would be able to experience custom design on a whole new level. A platform where multiple sneaker brands could be found and color options fit for a king were at their fingertips. Ultimate creative abilities given to the consumer, this is what PMK’s desired and the team at IE took the challenge and went to work on what we now call the PMK Design Lab. A place where wonderful animations keep you entertained and range of color is beyond the palettes used by other design engines, a place where multiple brands are chosen, customized and shared by the user at the click of a button, a place where Custom shoes are reimagined.

The launch for this unbelievable concept will be held at The Microsoft Store in Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles, CA on December 8, 2012 from 11am – 3pm. This is event is open to the public and huge prize packages will be given to lucky attendees that mentions the password “Super Clean” to any PMK or Internet Explorer rep at the Microsoft store. Get there early; you do not want to miss this historical release.

Here is the press release from IE also
Exploring IE-PMK

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